Communities Working in Partnership to Conserve and Protect the Lower Appomattox River
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2014 Battle or Paddle

Paddle Battle and Hooray

We're proud to present to you the 7th Annual Battle or Paddle along the Appomattox River from Petersburg to Hopewell.

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Get Involved

Get Involved with FOLAR

Volunteer with cleanups, water quality monitoring, projects, or become a member of FOLAR.  There are many ways to get involved!

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Improvements to Appomattox River Regional Park

See this article from the Progress-Index for the latest news.

Watch out for Poison Ivy

Leaflets of Three- Let Them Be!!!
A very important article was posted recently about a Duke study that poison ivy is thriving this summer and that its allergic toxin, urushoil is becoming three times as potent as before due to excess carbon in the atmosphere. So when out along the trails be aware of wear you and your kids are walking to avoid poison ivy contact.!!!

FOLAR Board Members 2013

board_of_directors Say hello to the current FOLAR board members!!!!


Folar would like to thank some of our biggest sponsors for their generous contributions to help make FOLAR's goals a reality. Special thanks to American Water and Vulcan Materials for all that you do.


James River Watch water monitoring

FOLAR is partnering with the James River Association to help monitoring water conditions along both the James and Appomattox River.  Here is a link to their website which provides interactive information about the quality of certain points on the river and whether or not it is safe to enter the water.

James River Watch!!!! 

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USGS Water Data


Pulling the canoe or kayak out this weekend?  Get Real Time Water Data for the Appomattox River and other local bodies of water with USGS Water Data for the Nation.

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Sponsor FOLAR

We've accomplished many of our goals over the last few years but could not have done it without the help from our sponsors.  FOLAR is a non-profit organization founded on support and contributions from local and national businesses.

Become a sponsor and help support the Appomattox River.

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